My name is Anisa Yuliandari, I am student of economic faculty of the university Gunadarma. on 11 April 2013, I attended Educational seminar talk show which speakers by Mr . Gita Irawan Wirjawan .

He served as the Indonesian trade minister , He was born in Jakarta on 21 September, 1965, he was the son of the couple Wirjawan Djojosoegitu (the deceased) and Paula Warokka Wirjawan. Gita Wirjawan is a businessman from Indonesia , his success as a businessman he’s been up since college at Harvard. On 18 October 2011 he was appointed as his Indonesian trade minister .

He is a lover of music , especially jazz , the role of the father was a big reason to make his ability to play a musical instrument, his father asks him to study classical piano, So, He was able to play musical instruments such as guitar, violin, zither, sexophone so do musical stringed instrument Java and he was also a lover of the sport of golf . Sometimes in the middle of his spare He spent much of his time to playing music and sports.

He was the man that looks good and looks very wise when he Speaking. Style that conveys his figure was also showing a fun, occasional a joke He pulled in the middle of his speech. Even, during the talk he did not stop smiling that shows He is a friendly person.

In the seminar, He talked about the current Indonesian trade, He set up and how He can develop trading of Indonesia Country for more advanced, The way of thinking to promote trade between Indonesia and prove that he is a smart figure .

From the first time I saw him , I personally think He is a good man figure that I saw a hope for Indonesia change in His Self.


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