Why I Chose Majors in Accounting


The reason why I chose majors in Accounting ???
for me it is very promising accounting majors, although it in fact I admit it is not easy to become an accountant
However, in high spirits dah we have a will, the road to success is always there.I also the opinion that accounting majors, his employment opportunities are very broad and promising, my father thought so too.
Therefore I did not hesitate to choose the majors
any risks and challenges me to get a degree accounting S1, I will try as much as possible, because all the kids will definitely want his parents happy.
previous work in the world, accounting majors are dominated by women but now the company also received the services of accountants man
I think it’s also one of the good opportunity for me and other male accountant
I guess that’s the reason why I chose accounting majors
hopefully I can reach success
AMIN. . .


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